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Bathing  Bathing your pet. Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital and Pet resort

Bathing is an important part of maintaining a healthy coat and skin for your pet.  The frequency of bathing will depend on coat length,type of coat, activity level, environment, and overall health.

A bath is appropriate whenever you want your pet to be clean and smell fresh.  However, bathing too frequently, or the use of harsh or drying products can dull your pet's coat and cause dry, flaky, and sometimes itchy skin.

Lukewarm water should be used, along with a special shampoo for your pet. Human products are too acidic and irritate the skin. Before bathing your pet, brush out the his or her coat to remove any tangles. Wet your pet's entire body. Lather up the shampoo, being careful not to get any in the ears or eyes. Allow the shampoo to work for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly. It is best to rinse the head last, or your pet may want to shake.

Wipe your pet down vigorously and leave him or her in a warm room.  If your pet will tolerate it, a blow dryer (on "low" or "cool" setting only) may be useful.  Be careful to keep the dryer moving around and take care not to burn her or him.  Be sure to brush him or her out while drying.

When it is bath time, consider your pet's other grooming needs including nail trims, ear cleaning, coat brushing, coat trimming, if appropriate for your pet's hair type. We will be happy to perform ear cleanings and nail trims for you.  

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Bathing your pet.For more information on bathing a new puppy, please visit our Caring for Your Puppy page.

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Consult our staff for specific recommendations for your pet.