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CPR For Dogs and Cats

CPR for dogs and cats - Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital

CPR is necessary if your dog or cat is not breathing or has no pulse.

Possible causes:

Choking; Unconsciousness from Drowning or Shock; Poisoning; Allergic Reaction

1.  Lay the dog or cat on his or her side and remove any obstructions in the airway.  

     Open mouth, pull tongue forward, extend neck and sweep mouth with finger.

2.  If the airway is clear, extend neck, hold tongue out of mouth &

     close animal's jaws over tongue.

3.  Holding jaws closed, breathe into both nostrils for 5 to 6 breaths.

     If no response, continue artificial respiration (see below). If there is no pulse,

     begin cardiac compressions.

4.  Depress the widest part of the chest wall 1.5 to 3 inches with one or two hands.

     Refer to compressions per minute (below) list for weight specific info.

5.  Continue artificial respiration.  Refer to breaths per minute

     list (below) for weight specific info.

Weight Compressions per minute
Under 5 lbs. Place hands around rib cage & apply cardiac massage

5 - 10 lbs.

120 - 140 times per minute
11 - 60 lbs. 80 - 100 times per minute
Over 60 lbs. 60 times per minute


Weight Breaths per Minute
Under 5 lbs. 30+ breaths per minute
5 - 10 lbs. 30+ breaths per minute
11 -60 lbs. 16 -20 breaths per minute
Over 60 lbs.  12 breaths per minute

For Emergencies, please call us at (480) 893-0533 during regular b
usiness hours.

If it is outside our regular hours, please call First Pet Emergency Hospital (480) 732-0018.

This is not a replacement for a veterinary consultation.