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Guide to Comparing Veterinary

Surgical Services

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Why is it important to ask the right questions?

How do you choose a surgical facility for your pet? We believe quality care should be a standard, not an option.

If you want the kind of surgical care for your cherished pet that you would want for yourself or another family member, you need to investigate the quality of care you are being offered by any veterinarian.

Unfortunately, similar sounding procedures are frequently not the same at different veterinary clinics.

To get High Quality Care, you need to choose a hospital with high standards. When asking about surgical services, please inquire as to what is included with the procedure in which you are interested. Also, inquire about who exactly is performing the procedure, what their training level is and what kind of anesthetic monitoring is used.

A good clinic should be happy to talk with you about all of these factors and give you a tour of their facility.  

We certainly will be happy to address any questions and/or concerns you may have and always welcome tours.

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Pre-anesthetic blood testing:

It is important to ensure your pet's internal organs are functioning normally and can process the anesthesia and heal normally.

Pre-operative pain medication and sedatives:

These medications are given before anesthesia and have been shown to prevent pain more effectively. They also help to decrease anxiety and stress in our hospitalized patients.

Anesthetic monitoring:

Electrocardiogram, blood oxygen level, respiration, and blood pressure measurement help the surgeon and anesthetist determine the health status and anesthetic depth of our patients, allowing us to provide optimal safety.

Dedicated anesthetist:

It is imperative that someone be present during the surgical procedure whose only task is to monitor your pet's vital signs, well-being, and comfort level before, during and after anesthesia.

Surgical electrocautery:

This technology helps reduce the amount of bleeding and pain by closing the blood vessels as they "cut".

Thermal patient warmer:

The state-of-the-art technology warms by using a semi-conductive polymeric fabric that delivers safe and effect warmth to the patient - no blowing air, no hot water - continuously monitors the resistance...maintaining the perfect temperature at all times.

Operating Room:

Sterile surgery suite used only for surgery and disinfected between patients. Our surgical team members wear caps, masks and sterile gowns to prevent infection. Separate sterile packs are used for each patient and all packs have sterile indicators both inside and out to confirm instrument safety.

IV catheter and IV fluids:

Intravenous fluids keep a patient's blood pressure, tissue and organ blood flow stable. An IV catheter allows for immediate access to the circulatory system in case additional medications need to be given.

Team member/anesthetist provides TLC for your pet as they recover from anesthesia:

Giving your pet the comfort and assurance they need so they are not nervous as they recover from anesthesia is an important component of the recovery process.

Post-operative laser therapy treatment:

Laser therapy treatment of the area around the incision helps with pain reduction and promotes faster healing.

Post-operative pain medication:

Any patient that has undergone surgery should be sent home with pain-relieving medication(s).

Detailed written after care instructions:

These instructions are vital to know what is normal after anesthesia and how to care for your pet once you have arrived home.

Doctors and technicians dedicated to answer any post-surgical questions:

We are available and happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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In order to help you make an informed decision, regarding your pet's surgical procedure, Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital has created a list that details aspects of our quality care  (see below).

In addition to making sure every patient is as comfortable as possible, we also have made a commitment to the highest level of medical, dental, and surgical care. This is reflected by our American Animal Hospital Association accreditation, our highly trained and caring staff and use of modern, meticulously maintained diagnostic, anesthetic, and surgical equipment.  


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Checklist of what to ask...

Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital offers all

~Pre-anesthetic blood testing Yes {     }
~Pre-operative pain medication & sedatives Yes {     }
~General anesthesia Yes {     }
~Blood pressure monitoring Yes {     }
~EKG Yes {     }
~Pulse oximeter Yes {     }
~O2 sensor Yes {     }
~Dedicated anesthetist Yes {     }
~IV catheter and fluids Yes {     }
~Surgical electrocautery Yes {     }
~Sterile operating room Yes {     }
~Nerve blocks as needed Yes {     }
~Post-surgical laser therapy treatment Yes {     }
~Post-surgical pain medications Yes {     }
~Thermal patient warmer Yes {     }
~TLC during recovery Yes {     }
~Detailed aftercare instructions Yes {     }
~Doctors & technicians dedicated to answer post-surgery questions Yes {     }
~Courtesy follow-up for suture or drain removals Yes {     }