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How To Feed Your Dog

Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital - Phoenix, AZ - How to feed your dog.

Avoid Giving Scraps

Avoid giving your dog scraps.  They do not meet your dog's nutritional needs. Excluding scraps will help prevent problems of obesity, which could affect your dog as he or she ages.

Nutritional Needs Change As Your Dog Ages

Nutritional needs of your dog.As you dog ages, her or his nutritional requirements will change. It is important to provide you dog with a diet that will meet his or her nutritional requirements and needs. Your veterinarian is an excellent resource in helping you choose the appropriate diet for your pet's age and unique health needs.

When changing your dog's diet, make sure to gradually mix the food over a five to seven day period, slowly increasing the amount of the new food added so that 100% of the new food will be provided to your dog by the seventh day. This will help avoid any digestive stress and diarrhea.

Follow the guidelines on the food container and or those provided by your veterinarian regarding the amount of food and number of meals per day.

Be sure to wash and sanitize the food bowl daily.

Make Sure Fresh Water is Always Available

Make sure your dog has fresh water.

Your dog must always have access to a bowl of fresh water. Change the water regularly and be sure to wash and sanitize the bowl daily.

Please visit our Nutrition and Dietary Counseling page for more information and browse our Retail page to learn more about the pet foods and treats we offer.

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Ahwatukee animal care hospital what to feed your dog

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