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In House Laboratory  In house laboratory at Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital and Pet Resort

The Laboratory at Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital provides convenience as well as timely answers to pet owners about the status of their pet's health.  Laboratory tests are critical in making a correct diagnosis of a patient's medical condition. Many of our tests and clinical analyses are conducted on premises by our technicians and/or doctors.  Our equipment includes microscopes, chemistry analyzer, refractometer, electrolyte analyzer, hemocytometer, centrifuge, and more.

Cytologies, blood tests, urine tests, stool tests and many more are performed in house at Ahwatukee Animal Care HospitalWe offer a variety of tests ranging from wellness profiling, preanesthetic testing, to diagnostic work-ups.  Our in house laboratory allows doctors to check blood, urine, stool, and cytologies immediately.  This means that we are able to offer the best treatment options faster, and in an emergency situation this can make all the difference.  In some situations, the doctor may want to run more specific tests. In these cases, we are able to send more comprehensive panels to our outside lab, and these test results are typically back within 72 hours.  Once the test results are obtained, our doctors will develop a care plan specialized to your pets needs.

If you are planning on dropping off a sample for our lab, please note urine and stool cannot be more than 12 hours old and must be kept refrigerated, if not brought in to us immediately following collection.  Unless this sample was requested by your veterinarian, and the doctor indicated no examination was needed, it is likely you will be required to bring your pet in for an exam in order to receive medication for any medical condition.

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