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Parasite Control

Heartworms, tapeworms, ring worm, roundworms and your petKeep your pets free of intestinal parasites, heartworms, fleas, ticks, and other creepy crawlies!

When most people think of parasites, they think of worms.  Intestinal parasites such as hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms can be a troublesome concern, especially for very young animals. These parasites are most common in puppies and kittens and/or animals that have been in a contaminated environment.There are also other organisms that may infect your pet that you may never see, such as Giardia and Coccidia.  Many of these parasites can be a problem for humans, too. Therefore, Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital, offers routine fecal checks to look for all possible intestinal parasites.  We want to make sure we are treating your pet appropriately and keeping your family safe.

De-worm puppies and kittensMost puppies and kittens are born with worms, and dogs and cats remain susceptible to the harmful parasites throughout their lives. The worms live inside your pet, making the symptoms difficult to pinpoint.  They are detected through an intestinal parasite test.  Internal parasites can not only harm your pet, but they can be transferred to children and adults, making the human sick, too.

The medical team at Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital recommends one fecal evaluation per year, at minimum.  This allows us to test for intestinal parasites (i.e.roundworms, hookworms, Giardia). If your pet does have a parasite problem, our veterinarians can provide you with different medications and treatments to remedy the problem and steer your pet back to good health.

Parasite prevention at Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital

To learn more about parasites and parasite prevention, visit our Parasite Prevention page.

Because of the damage presented by internal parasites to both pets and people, preventive medical care and prescribed heartworm medicine is key.

Our primary focus is to provide your pet with the safest and most effective ongoing preventive care.