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Reproduction Medicine/Theriogenology


Reproduction Medicine/Theriogenology Services Provided at Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital include the following:


Long hair dogFemale Procedures


Ovulation Timing: Ovulation timing combines several techniques to determine a window of fertility in which to breed during a heat cycle. Accurate timing will optimize the female patient's conception rate and litter size.

Three main diagnostics are used to determine this when your dog is here for this service:

  • Vaginal cytology 
  • Progesterone testing 
  • Vaginoscopy

Generally, we will begin seeing dogs for ovulation timing on around the 5th day of the heat cycle. 



  • Assisted Natural Breeding
  • Vaginal Artificial Insemination for fresh collected or fresh chilled (shipped) semen
  • Surgical Insemination


Pregnancy Diagnosis and Monitoring:


Pregnancy diagnosis for our canine patients can be performed at around 28 days after the LH surge. If ovulation timing was not performed, we recommend checking the female 28 days post breeding or AI. This initial evaluation will confirm if she is pregnant, and allow us to see heart beats and overall fetal health. This is not an ideal way to count the number of fetuses, but we can often give an estimation to help to guide you in her care in the latter part of her pregnancy.

Pregnancy radiographs can also be diagnostic in the few weeks of her pregnancy. The most common request for this procedure is for a “puppy count.” This can also be used in evaluating the size and development of the fetuses, to make sure they are not too large to be delivered naturally. For best evaluation of size, we recommend radiographs 3-5 days prior to her due date based on ovulation. 


C-sections can be elective or emergency (during regular operating hours). 

Elective C-sections are commonly appropriate for brachycephalic breeds, and dogs with a familial history of complicated deliveries.


Male Procedures:


Semen Collection

Manual stimulation: The semen can be evaluated for sperm motility (motion), morphology (structure), and concentration. If the patient has a negative brucella test within six months of the appointment, a teaser female can be provided if requested.


Semen Shipments


Many of our stud dog patients are on request for shipment of chilled semen to a bitch in another location. A collection is performed, and the semen is diluted in a commercial semen extender for transport via FedEx. The shipments are generally sent overnight to the veterinarian of the female to receive the semen. Evaluation is performed prior to packaging, and is provided for both the stud and bitch owner.



siamese catAdditional Services:

We also offer diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the genitourinary tract of male and female dogs and cats, management of infertility, and consultations by phone or email.