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Tortoise Care

Tortoise Care Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital

Tortoise Care at Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital and Pet Resort

While tortoises start out as very small hatchlings, many of them can grow quite large. Also, tortoises are generally outgoing, active animals.  Therefore, before purchasing a tortoise, you must consider how much space you have available to house a tortoise. Additionally, many tortoises live dozens of years. Before you purchase a tortoise, it is important to consider whether you are able to make such a long-term commitment.


Tortoises should have annual examinations.

All tortoises should be examined by a veterinarian just after purchase in order to ensure that feeding and husbandry requirements are being met.  Additionally, all tortoises should be examined annually to make sure they stay healthy. Since all tortoises carry some gastrointestinal parasites, their feces should be checked and they should be dewormed at least once. 

Please consult with one of our veterinarians regarding the specific housing and dietary needs of your pet.

This is not a replacement for a veterinary consultation.

Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital and Pet Resort

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the health and/or care of your pet tortoise, please call our friendly staff to schedule your pet's appointment (480) 893-0533.

Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital and Pet resort provides care for tortoises

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