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What To Expect   What to expect. Ahwatukee Animal Care hospital

birdIn your search for a veterinary hospital and/or a pet boarding and pet daycare facility, we believe you should expect high quality care as well as great service. Our goal at Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital and Pet Resort has been to assemble a veterinary healthcare team and boarding team committed to providing exceptional client service and veterinary health care. Our commitment to you is to continue to offer our first class service and care in our state-of-the-art veterinary facility.

Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital is an American Animal Hospital Association certified practice

Ahwatukee Animal Care HospitalAs a new client of our veterinary hospital, you can expect our full attention to your pet's needs. When you arrive for your appointment, you will be greeted warmly.  We will escort you into an examination room after checking in your pet.  Then, one of our veterinarians will take a thorough history, examine your pet, and discuss a possible diagnosis and treatment plan, if applicable.  

This is a great time to ask questions.  Our veterinary team wants to make sure you're completely comfortable with the information we are providing.

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Your pet's annual wellness exam will include a complete physical which includes a thorough examination of the eyes, ears, teeth, heart, lungs, abdomen, body condition, skin, and coat. Because even the most cooperative pet may not readily cooperate with regular tooth and gum brushing, an annual dental cleaning by your veterinarian may be in order. 

It is a good idea to keep an accurate medical diary, not only of the procedures and vaccinations your pet receives at the veterinary hospital, but also of notes on things such as your pet's elimination habits and any physicalWhat to expect as a client at Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospitalchanges or unusual occurrences.  Keep track of small shifts in your pet's behavior, including urinary marking habits and mood changes, along with diet and routine modifications.  Bring your notebook with you when you visit your veterinarian.  Sometimes seemingly unrelated occurrences may help explain results of your pet's medical tests.

Our veterinarians are experienced, calm, compassionate, and willing to explain all of the procedures your pet may undergo.  Our qualified staff and facilities are set up to perform a variety of medical tests and procedures as well as surgery and/or dental cleaning.  If your pet will be undergoing surgery or a dental cleaning they will require anesthesia.  In order to minimize risks associated with anesthesia, our veterinarians will likely suggest an exam and lab work consisting of blood and urine tests before your pet is anesthetized. Antibiotics may be necessary before and after certain procedures.

If your pet requires services provided by veterinary specialists, we will gladly assist with a referral.  

Ahwatukee Animal Care hospitalAfter your pet's exam or procedure, invoicing takes place at the reception desk.  Our technicians and/or client care specialists review the invoice with you and address any questions you might have.  We also suggest you use this time to pick up any medications, treats, pet foods, or pet hygiene products you may need, including Heartguard and Frontline. Our prices are very competitive and often beat those you would see in the online pharmacies.

At Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital and Pet Resort, our focus is thorough and comprehensive care for your pet. Our veterinarians are dedicated to maintaining the quality of their services at the highest level. Our entire team works hard to make sure you and your pet receive extraordinary care and hospitality.

We are looking forward to meeting you and your pet family member(s).

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